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Hey there, I’m Sher Manu. I’m a freelance choreographer based in Byron Bay, Australia.


Sher Manu has had a passion for dance and creative expression, telling stories through dance for most of her life. 

Becoming the director of her own Dance studio in her late teens, Sher used this time to hone and practice her choreographic skills for many years to come.

Sher’s choreographic talents are widely varied, creating colourful layered pieces in an array of styles which always entertain & intrigue.


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‘Sher Manu is one of the best visionaries I know, having the ability to transport the audience and take them to another world. My biggest attachment to Sher’s work is that it is never predictable, it has incredible attention to detail and the entertainment value is immense. In turn I believe that not only does Sher possess an extraordinary ability to create,  she will be an asset to any creative team with her passion, authenticity and tenacity.
Without a doubt I am a huge fan!’.

- Sarah Boulter

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